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ID-10065004 There are personal security devices that can be used in self-defense in the event of attacks, crisis, violence and rape. You can take along one or more of these devices when you move around. They are cost effective in the marketplace and are cheaper options if you cannot afford personal bodyguards.

You should consider these devices so you can protect yourself from ill-meaning individuals. You never know who may come up to harm you in the home, office, or along the way when you move about your personal business.

Below are 2 common devices you should check out for self-defense and personal protection today.

Personal Alarm

This is a small device that comes in handy when you are attacked in the day or night. You can simply press the button and an alarm would be set off. The sound would attract attention to your position and discourage attackers. Some of these devices are built-in with light.

Stun Gun

This is a device that emits electricity charges to put off an attacker temporary. The electrical discharge could be up to 70,000 volts and weakens the individual. In the moment that the individual is put off, you are provided with window of opportunity to escape. The gun works with a rechargeable battery and can be placed inside the pocket or handbag.